Strategy Kick-Off Toolkit by Julian Cole

Strategy Kick-Off Toolkit

  • Process to go from client brief to strategy/creative brief 
  • How to write a strategy document
  • 4 templates to guide you (Kickoff Call Questions, Discovery Questions, Strategy Scrapbook, & Strategy Blank Check Template)
  • Examples of how to use the templates 

What is it?

A toolkit that gives you a working process and four templates that help you get from a client brief to a strategy document. 

There are tutorials that walk you through the key documents. 

This will give a clear direction of the work that needs to be done and how to get there. 

Kickoff Call Checklist

A list of questions that ensures you leave a client briefing with all the key information. 

Discovery Questions

20+ questions that will help you compile relevant information in the discovery phase.

Strategy Scrapbook Template

Scrapbook template that helps you compile all the relevant information in order to make a strategy. Including an example of a Scrapbook for Microsoft Xbox

Strategy Blank Checks

One page formula to help structure your strategy narrative. With examples for Snickers, Bing and Eargo. The final exercise will be for Jolly Rancher. 

About Julian Cole

Julian is a strategy consultant to leading brands (Uber, Facebook, Disney, Apple). 

Previously he was the Head of Comms Planning at BBDO & BBH in New York (Bacardi, PlayStation, Google, Mars, Pepsi) where he led a team who won over 50+ Cannes Lions. 

About Planning Dirty

Planning Dirty Academy is the leading training resource for strategists. With 700+ members and 20,000+ subscribers to the newsletter. 

The Academy has over 8+ hours of strategy content and has planners from a range of companies and agencies. 


Julian is like the mentor I never had. 

There’s been so many gaps in my knowledge that have built up over the last 13 years that are now being glued together by the principles, frameworks and techniques that he's teaching us. 

Where I’m at now is a state of increased understanding and confidence, as well as much greater quality/focus of my deliverables.
Hugh Reinbolt, Director at London Social Strategy
Whether you're starting out in Planning or it's been your whole career, Julian's generous wealth of knowledge is invaluable stimulus. 

A treasure chest of principles, lessons and approaches that goes beyond the theory into actually helping us do our job better. 
Anton Reyniers, Head of Partner Marketing Creative, Netflix,
The combination of easy-to-follow lessons and a whole host of practical resources make the Planning Dirty Academy an amazing resource for planners and strategists of all levels, whether you’re trying to break into the discipline or leading a whole department.
Ingo Kessler, Strategy Director at Huth + Wenzel
Julian is making the most positive impact in the discipline today.  

His tools anchor Planning/Strategy (and innovation in general) as it’s meant to be - simple, powerful and collaborative.  His commitment to fearless curiosity without ego is at the heart of innovative ideas.
Tricia Russo, Chief Strategy Officer, DDB Chicago

What's included?

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Strategy Toolkit Introduction
19 mins
Strategy Kickoff Toolkit Introduction
Strategy Kickoff Toolkit (PDF)
581 KB
Client Kick Off Questions
Kickoff Call Strategy Checklist.pdf
87.3 KB
Client Kick Off Questions (Google Slides)
Kickoff Call Strategy Checklist (Microsoft Word)
586 KB
Discovery Questions
Discovery Questions (Google Slides)
Discovery Questions (PDF)
1.18 MB
Strategy Scrapbook
Strategy Scrapbook
Strategy Scrapbook Template (PDF)
213 KB
Strategy Scrapbook: Example Xbox Google Slides
Strategy Scrapbook (Xbox Example).pdf
1.15 MB
Dakota Green Opening Moves Explaining The Strategy Scrapbook
17 mins
Dakota's PBR brief in Opening Moves Video
202 KB
Strategy Blank Checks
Strategy Blank Check.mp4
23 mins
Strategy Blank Checks.pdf
289 KB
Strategy Blank Checks (Google Slides)
Jolly Rancher Case Study Review
32 mins