Politics 101

Understanding agency politics is an unspoken key to success for strategists. Rob of Salmon Theory and I break down the basics.

Being Strategic About Resourcing

Resourcing is at the heart of agency success. The following is a guide to resourcing. 

What Clients Want

9 key themes from what clients want in 2018 
and how planners can help agencies get there.

Interagency Collaboration

Interagency collaboration explained through Australian rules football.

Day 1 Advice for CSOs

Advice for future heads of strategy from current heads of strategy.

How to Work with Media Agencies

Mastering the creative/media relationship is key to creating impactful work. This is a guide to get the most out of your media partnership.

How to Work with Creatives

The planner/creative director relationship is key to an agencies success. Follow these three things for a successful & strong relationship.