Progress to a leadership role in strategy with the Planning Dirty Academy. 

The BIG-T Strategist model gives you a; 
- Strong foundation in the strategy craft with 9 modules 
- BIG-T modules (Diplomacy, Management and Selling Strategy) that elevate you to leadership

The Academy includes lifetime access to;
- 80+ video lessons  
- Private Facebook Group (500+ members)
- Private mentorship groups 
- Access to Julian Cole


Strategy Fundamentals

What is strategy? 
Writing a strategy
Different types of strategy
Managing Downtime 
Short Sharp Strategy 
Who's Who In Agencies 
Strategy In Under An Hour 
Helpful Strategy Resources 


Kick Off Questions 
Strategy Scrapbook
Art of Interviewing Clients
Evaluating Data Sources 
Validating Problems/Insights 


What are insights? 
Insights vs. observations 
Flipping Insights
Polishing Insights
Adding Tension 

Creative Briefing

How to write a creative brief 
Sacred Six Brief Template
GET-TO-BY Brief  
Tactical Briefs  
Single Minded Proposition  
Biggest Mistakes With Creative Briefing 
Giving Creative Feedback 
Tips for Briefing Remotely

Brand Strategy

What is Brand Strategy?  
Brand Frameworks 
Brand Benefit Ladders  
Brand Architecture  
Brand Archetypes 

Comms Planning

What is Comms Planning?
Consumer Journey Tools 
Consumer Journey Mapping 
Comms Framework 
Comms Planning Questions 
Tactical Briefing 
Articulating An Idea 
Idea Formula
Building Out An Execution 
Campaign Ecosystem
Content Strategy (Annual)
Framework Factory 
Innovation Checklist 

Advertising Effectiveness

How Advertising Works 
Cogs of Marketing Effectiveness 
Mental And Physical Availability 
Distinctive Assets 
Category Entry Points 
Different Types of Measurement 
Creating a KPI Framework

Business Strategy

SWOT Analysis 
Reading a Financial Report
Proactive Strategy 
Growth Matrix 
Business Strategy Models (Coming Soon)

Professional Development

Transitioning Into Strategy 
Strategy Confidence  
How To Get A Raise  
Creating Your Pitch
Strategy Portfolio Website 


Politics 101
How To Work With Creatives 
How To Work With Media Agencies 
Giving Creative Feedback 
Designing Decks 
Writing Presentations


Managing Planners 
Strategist Interview Questions 
Setting Up A Strategy Department 
Setting Up A Strategy Department Vision 
Scoping Strategy 
Being Strategy About Resourcing 

Selling Strategy

Scoping Strategy 
Being Strategic About Strategy 
Proactive Strategy 
RICK Sales Model
How Agencies Make Money
Strategy Sales Models (Coming Soon) 


Julian Cole runs the Planning Dirty Academy.

A strategy consultant to leading brands like Apple, Facebook, Disney and Uber.

Previously he was Head of Comms Planning at BBH and BBDO New York looking after a team of 15+ strategist.

Learn more here.
I was skeptical of signing up for yet another strategy group, but decided to join Julian's Planning Dirty Academy as part of a 2020 goal to change up my approach to planning and collaborate more regularly with other strategists. 

I have to say, I realized my ROI almost immediately.
Megan Shepherd, Communications Strategy at The New York Times
The more complicated marketing becomes, the more crucial it is to ground yourself in the fundamentals. 

Planning Dirty provides clarity across the key tenants of strategy in a way that is immediately actionable - whether you're starting out, want to stay sharp later in your career, or as a resource to help train others
Julian Cheevers, Managing Director at TBWA/Media Arts Lab
Julian is making the most positive impact in the discipline today.  His tools anchor Planning/Strategy (and innovation in general) as it’s meant to be - simple, powerful and collaborative.  

His commitment to fearless curiosity without ego is at the heart of innovative ideas.
Tricia Russo, CSO at DDB Chicago
Julian is probably one of the most generous people in the industry at the moment when it comes to sharing his knowledge and experience.

As somebody on the leadership team said, some of the best money you can spend.
Kelsey Hodgkin, Head of Strategy, Deutsch LA
Planning Dirty Academy is exactly what I've been needing. I was a brand founder and designer before I came to the industry and I'm completely self taught. 

I've been working between art, copy and strategy for the last 3 year at a small brand studio and have been feeling stuck. Now I'm excited to come here and learn everyday.
Jahfre Colbert, Creative Strategist at studio bc/c
As an ex-planner who moved over to the client side, this planning platform has been my go-to resource to educate/facilitate understanding of brand/communications/marketing for the internal marketing & product development teams and also the agency oftentimes.
Anirban Ganguly, Head of Content Strategy and Innovation at Astro
The combination of easy-to-follow lessons and a whole host of practical resources make the Planning Dirty Academy an amazing resource for planners and strategists of all levels, whether you’re trying to break into the discipline or leading a whole department.
Ingo Kessler, Strategy Director at Huth + Wenzel


How do I convince my boss to pay for the Academy?

The best agencies invest in their talent.

Around 40% of Academy memberships are bought by agencies/companies for their staff.

From big network agencies and brands to small independent agencies of 5 people.

If you need a deck or an email template to send to your boss, check out the employee reimbursement site

How long do I get access to the Academy?

For life! 

You will have lifetime access to the Academy with the one off payment. The Academy has been created so that you can constantly refer back to it through out your career as you continue to progress to a leadership role. 

How will I access the course?

You access the course through this website 

You will also have access to the special Planning Dirty Academy Drive which has all the presentations and frameworks. 

How much is the Academy?

The Academy is a one of payment of $997. 

This will give you access to the Academy for life. 

If I have a question how can I get in touch with Julian Cole?

There are three ways that you will have access to Julian Cole;

1) Julian checks the private Facebook Group daily and answers all questions. So if you have a question this is the best place to ask as you also get the benefit of all the other strategy minds in the group. 

2) On the website Julian will check all the comments and give feedback on exercises, so feel free to ask questions here. 

3) You will be able to email Julian directly. 

Is the Academy structured?

It is recommended that everyone starts with the Strategy Fundamentals module to get up to speed. 

Then it is up to you to go into detail on the different topics. 

We will also be going through different modules every month with Q&As on the Facebook Page. 

I would like my whole office to do this, how do I go about that?

We have a number of companies who do this as a group. 

If you are interested in a office plan, get in touch -

Lifetime Access for $997