1. Launch Into Strategy (Strategist Level) by Julian Cole
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1. Launch Into Strategy (Strategist Level)

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What's included?

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What Is Strategy?
What is Strategy
31 mins
What is Strategy Presentation
1.15 MB
Writing A Strategy
Strategy Blank Check.mp4
23 mins
Strategy Blank Checks (Google Slides)
Strategy Blank Checks.pdf
289 KB
Writing A Creative Brief
Creative Briefing GET/TO/BY
38 mins
GET/TO/BY Brief Writing Presentation
3.44 MB
10 Examples of GTB Creative Brief
4.09 MB
Different Type of Planners
Brand Planner Comms Planner Media Planner
19 mins
Brand, Comms and Media Planner Presentation
601 KB
Transitioning Into Strategy
Transition into Strategy
17 mins
Transitioning Into Strategy - 6 Month Roadmap
3.54 MB
Helpful Strategy Resources
Strategy Mate
936 KB
Framework Factory
3.13 MB
Day 1 Planning Advice
2.74 MB
Data Cheatsheet
Brand Actions Library
Essential Strategy Reading Guide
Managing Downtime
Managing Downtime Lesson
2 mins
Sign Up To The Planning Dirty Academy
Managing Downtime (Google Slides)
Managing Downtime Academy.pdf
1.39 MB
Trend Report Example
Creative Brief Example
Thought Leadership Piece - Book Review Byron Sharp