04. Creative Briefing by Julian Cole

04. Creative Briefing

If you're looking for a simple way to create compelling briefs this course is for you. 

The Creative Brief Course, gives you a simple formula to create big idea and tactical briefs. 

This course is for anyone who is looking for the fundamentals for creating a brief. 

What's included?

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Sacred Six - Creative Brief Format
How To Write A Creative Brief - Seamless Example
5 mins
Creative Brief Template & Case Studies
Barbie Strategy Paper
2.46 MB
Lysol Strategy Paper
11.8 MB
Seamless Strategy Paper
7.55 MB
Creative Brief - GET/TO/BY
Creative Briefing - GET/TO/BY
38 mins
GET/TO/BY Brief Writing (PDF)
3.35 MB
10 Examples of GTB Creative Brief (Academy)
4.09 MB
10 GET/TO/BY Briefs From SuperBowl 2020
1.79 MB
Tactical Brief
5 Steps Creative Brief to Tactical Brief
7 mins
Tactical Brief (Google Slides)
Framework Factory Deck
Snickers Fix The World Commercial
Tactical Brief Presentation (PDF)
705 KB
Beginner - Single Minded Proposition
Single Minded Proposition
12 mins
1. Beginner - The Single Minded Proposition.pdf
2.5 MB
Biggest Mistake With GTB Brief
Number 1 Mistake Junior Planners Make
2 mins
Biggest Mistake Made With Junior Planners (PDF)
273 KB
Biggest Mistake With GTB (Google Slides)
Bonus: Giving Creative Feedback
Giving Creative Feedback (PDF)
2.87 MB
Bonus: Tips For Briefing Remotely
Tips For Briefing Remotely.pdf
1.17 MB
Writing Colorful Briefs (Webinar)
Writing Colorful Briefs (Webinar)
40 mins

About Julian Cole

Julian is a strategy consultant to leading brands (Uber, Facebook, Disney, Apple). 

Previously he was the Head of Comms Planning at BBDO & BBH in New York (Bacardi, PlayStation, Google, Mars, Pepsi) where he led a team who won over 50+ Cannes Lions. 

About Planning Dirty

Planning Dirty Academy is the leading training resource for strategists. With 400+ members and 20,000+ subscribers to the newsletter. 

The Academy has over 8+ hours of strategy content and has planners from a range of companies and agencies.