Communications Planning

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What Is Communications Planning?
What is Comms Planning (Lesson)
5 mins
What Is Communications Planning (PDF)
1.33 MB
What is Communications Planning? (Google Slides)
Consumer Journey Mapping
Consumer Journey Mapping
13 mins
Consumer Journey Mapping (Google Slides)
Consumer Journey Mapping (PDF)
3.36 MB
Comms Framework
RXBar Comms Framework Question.mp4
8 mins
How to Create A Comms Framework Lesson
16 mins
Campaign Ecosystems
Campaign Ecosystems.mp4
8 mins
Framework Factory
Campaign Ecosystem (Google Slides)
Campaign Ecosystems (Academy).pdf
1.89 MB
Tactical Briefing
Tactical Briefs Final.mp4
7 mins
Tactical Brief (PDF)
705 KB
Tactical Briefing (Google Slides)
Comms Planning Questions
Comms Planning Questions (Lesson)
20 mins
Comms Planning Questions (Academy).pdf
5.75 MB
Exercise: John Lewis/Waitrose Christmas Spot
Christmas 2019 Ad | John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners
Comms Planning Questions (Exercise Solution: John Lewis)
12 mins
Comms Planning Exercise - John Lewis (Academy).pdf
399 KB
Breaking Down The Big Idea
Idea Formula Brief.mp4
22 mins
Idea Formula (Google Slides)
Idea Formula (PDF)
2.72 MB
Building Out An Execution
Storify The Idea Lesson
13 mins
Storify The Idea (PDF)
372 KB
Storify An Idea (Google Slides)
Bonus: Framework Factory
Framework Factory Folder
8.46 MB