06. Communications Planning by Julian Cole

06. Communications Planning

What's included?

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Beginner - What Is Communications Planning?
What is Comms Planning (Lesson)
5 mins
What Is Communications Planning (PDF)
1.33 MB
What is Communications Planning? (Google Slides)
Beginner - Consumer Journey: From Data To Journey
Consumer Journey Tools
59 mins
1. Beginner - Consumer Journey Tools Of The Trade
1.76 MB
Beginner - Consumer Journey Mapping
Consumer Journey Mapping
13 mins
Consumer Journey Mapping (Google Slides)
Consumer Journey Mapping (PDF)
3.36 MB
Beginner - Comms Framework
How to Create A Comms Framework Lesson
16 mins
1. Beginner - How to Create a Comms Framework.pdf
508 KB
RXBar Comms Framework Question
8 mins
1. Beginner - RX Bars Comms Framework.pdf
275 KB
Beginner - Comms Planning Questions
Comms Planning Questions (Lesson)
20 mins
Comms Planning Questions (Academy).pdf
5.75 MB
Exercise: John Lewis/Waitrose Christmas Spot
Christmas 2019 Ad | John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners
Comms Planning Questions (Exercise Solution: John Lewis)
12 mins
Comms Planning Exercise - John Lewis (Academy).pdf
399 KB
Intermediate - Tactical Briefing
Tactical Briefs Final
7 mins
Tactical Brief (PDF)
705 KB
Tactical Briefing (Google Slides)
Intermediate - Articulating An Idea
Articulating An Idea
22 mins
Idea Formula (Google Slides)
Idea Formula (PDF)
2.72 MB
Intermediate - Building Out An Execution
Storify The Idea Lesson
13 mins
Storify The Idea (PDF)
372 KB
Storify An Idea (Google Slides)
Intermediate - Campaign Ecosystems
Campaign Ecosystems
8 mins
Framework Factory
Campaign Ecosystem (Google Slides)
Campaign Ecosystems (Academy).pdf
1.89 MB
Advanced - Innovation Checklist
Advanced - Innovation Checklist
28 mins
3. Advanced - Innovation Campaign Checklist.pdf
3.21 MB
Advanced - Innovation Checklist Example Betterment Opening Moves
20 mins
Advanced - Blueprints
Advanced - Blueprints
22 mins
3. Advanced - Blueprints.pdf
1.1 MB
Comms Planning Quiz
Comms Planning Quiz
Bonus: Framework Factory
Framework Factory Folder
8.46 MB
Bonus: Content Strategy
3. Advanced - Annual Content Strategy Template .pdf
1.54 MB