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Strategy 101

1. Launch Into Strategy (Strategist Level)

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Consumer Journey Mapping

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Articulating an Idea

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How Agencies Make Money

Short guide to how advertising agencies make money and the most important concepts.
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Designing Desire

It’s hard to find recent examples of behavioral economics in advertising. We took 5 concepts and showed how they come to life in campaigns.

Strategy Mate

All your planning questions answered

Day 1 Advice for New Planners

Advice for new planners from old planners


Politics 101

Understanding agency politics is an unspoken key to success for strategists. Rob of Salmon Theory and I break down the basics.

Being Strategic About Resourcing

Resourcing is at the heart of agency success. The following is a guide to resourcing. 

What Clients Want

9 key themes from what clients want in 2018 
and how planners can help agencies get there.

Interagency Collaboration

Interagency collaboration explained through Australian rules football.

Day 1 Advice for CSOs

Advice for future heads of strategy from current heads of strategy.

How to Work with Media Agencies

Mastering the creative/media relationship is key to creating impactful work. This is a guide to get the most out of your media partnership.

How to Work with Creatives

The planner/creative director relationship is key to an agencies success. Follow these three things for a successful & strong relationship.


Best Strategy Papers (10 Case Studies)

The ten best strategy papers from the last couple of years in my very subjective opinion.

Cheatsheet Data Sources

Cheatsheet with data sources for consumers and businesses.


Marketing Podcast Megalist

Dive into over 100 podcasts from Advertising, Marketing, Business, Media and beyond. 


Brand Actions Library 2019

Planning Dirty Brand Actions Library has 200+ innovative advertising examples from 2019.

Brand Actions Library 2018

Planning Dirty Brand Actions Library has 200+ innovative advertising examples from 2018. 

Creative Ideas on Tiny Budgets (100 Ideas)

A small budget should not stop you from creating great work. Here’s 100 examples of great ideas that were executed on tiny budgets.

Comms Planning

Brand Planning

Planning Hype

How to market a product before it's launched

Brainstorm Bible

The following is a great checklist for running a brainstorm.

Deck Design/Presenting

Writing Better Presentations

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Framework Factory

An extended 50+ frameworks with examples for how they can be applied.